Silent Voices was featured on Mother Jones

February 17, 2015 Silent Voices was featured on Mother Jones. In Gabrielle Canon’s piece, Heartbreaking Photos and Tragic Tales of San Francisco’s Homeless, she shares several of the photographs from the book and discusses the major ideas of the book.  You can read the full article here.

Review on First Things

Silent Voices was reviewed on First Things, America’s Most Influential Journal of Religion and Public Life. In it, reviewer Peter J. Leithart praises Silent Voices as a “beautiful, disturbing, sad book.” Read the review >

Diane Rehm Show Guest Dr. Okin

Dr. Okin was a guest on the Diane Rehm Show on Washington DC’s WAMU Radio (the local NPR station). Read more >

Michael Krasny Guest

Dr. Okin was a guest on Forum with Michael Krasny. New Book Gives Voice to San Francisco’s Homeless and Mentally Ill As former chief of psychiatry at San Francisco General, Dr. Robert Okin treated countless homeless patients. He wanted to know more about how these patients lived, so he took to the streets. He spent … Read more

Sexual Abuse, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Homelessness

In my last post I described ways that sexual abuse in childhood affects girls during adolescence. Depression, cutting, eating disorders, and suicidal behavior are all common. And so is the use of drugs and alcohol. These girls often take amphetamines and cocaine to lift their spirits, counteract their chronic boredom, and treat their depression. They … Read more

Sexual Abuse and Adolescence

In my last post I described some of the experiences of women I interviewed who had been sexually abused in childhood to explain how their abuse ultimately led to their homelessness. Many of these women, as children, reacted to their abuse with intense feelings of guilt, shame, depression, and mistrust of adults. Their “spiritual connection” to the … Read more

SF Examiner

Dr. Okin was featured in an article in the SF Examiner in anticipation of his upcoming event at the San Francisco Public Library. You can read the full article, “‘Silent Voices’ Sheds Light on Homeless,” here.

Good News Planet with Paul Sladkus

Dr. Okin was a guest on Good News Planet with Paul Sladkus. You can read about the interview here and listen to parts 1 and 2 of the interview below. PART I PART II

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Link to Homelessness

Homelessness has become a tragically familiar part of our national landscape. While life on the streets is grim for both men and women, homeless women have a particularly difficult time. The struggle they face often extends back to their childhoods. A surprisingly large number of homeless women have suffered sexual abuse and severe neglect as children. At … Read more